How to increase renewable energy intake poses new challenges for municipalities and distribution system operators.
The constant supply of electricity is one of the main priorities of every network operator.
To prevent power quality fluctuations and disruptions, network monitoring, control, and automation systems must be adapted and optimized at all voltage levels.

Power quality in practice

Customized power quality solutions for your grid-specific requirements
Now we want to explain efficiently and confidently about the confusion and breakdown of sources or voltage quality disruption.
Based on the rich experience gained in similar projects, Blue&P is considering various solutions to solve turbulence and failure of sources or voltage quality disruption. These solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the network and thus increase security.

Are you familiar with how to optimize voltage or voltage control conditions?

Concepts about voltage and capacity management

Networks are usually affected by different loads and feeding conditions with significant fluctuations in operating voltage.
The concept of Siemens’s intelligent design for voltage and capacity management in power grids means that operators do not need to invest in expensive networks.
These solutions use different approaches to voltage control, depending on the type of structures and site conditions.

Benefits for grid operators

  • Minimize costs and reduce new investment through efficient use of existing structures
  • Ability to make better use of medium and low voltage networks
  • Optimized use of the voltage range
  • Regional communications at a reasonable cost
  • Ability to automatically monitor network status for operation and planning

Grid coordination through optimal energy quality management

Due to the increase in the volume of electricity generated by manufacturers, network operators need to control harmonic loads more carefully.
These effects can adversely affect adjacent industrial operations and make it challenging to access television and computers in residential areas.


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