Another Achievement for BLUE&P Group

After obtaining Tavanir confirmation by Noandishan Kilid Gostar Pouya Company, Mr. Taheri, the member of the board of Noandishan Kilid Gostar released this message:

With the support of its capable and expert personel, the knowledge base company of Noandishan Kilid Gostar Pouya got the reward of its continious efforts by obtaining Tavanir’s confirmation and entering the vendor list for its products. I would like to congratulate all the employees of the company, the respected board of directors, BLUE&P group and Mr. Pooya Parsa for this great achievement, and we present this important gift to the long-lived spirit of Mr. Mohammad Parsa.

Yours sincerely


Member of the board of Noandishan Kilid Gostar Pouya


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