ParsTableau excels in Nakhl Asmari petrochemical project - expert supply, construction, and installation. Client's full approval achieved.
nakhl asmari project

Successful completion of the Nakhl Asmari petrochemical project by ParsTableau company with the supply of goods, construction, installation and commissioning of MV and LV panels and obtaining the full consent of the client from the implementation of the project.


Duties of ParsTableau as a project contractor:

  1. Construction and installation of LV panels of Sivacon design and 33 KV panels of Unisafe design and running all necessary tests; including FAT , SAT
  2. Modification of MV and LV panels
  3. Installation and operation of five 2500 KV transformers (one transformer next to the existing substation and four next to the switch room of the central control room)
  4. Supplying and installation of 20 KV bus ducts and LV bus ducts
  5. Complete supply and installation of two series of emergency panels in Penta and Formalin substations and related cabling
  6. Provision of relevant panels and PLC connection of LV panels to Nakhl Asmari Petrochemical Control Center
  7. Supplying cables required by the project using special channels (Pipe Rack) as well as building cable channels and cabling
  8. ON Job Training
  9. Testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning operations and the full launch of the project
  10. Preparation of As Built all the documents


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