The power system is divided into three parts: Generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. In this article, we are going to say something useful about electricity generation.
In fact, as you know, in power generation, a form of energy is converted into electrical energy. Electricity is generated from various natural sources. These resources are classified into two types of renewables and non-renewables.
Non-renewable sources such as coal, oil, and natural gas are currently used to generate electricity. But these resources are limited.
Therefore, our task is to use these resources carefully and intelligently until we find an alternative source or move towards the use of renewable sources. As you know, renewable resources include sun, wind, water, tides, and
biomass. The resources mentioned are free and unrestricted and, most importantly, are environmentally friendly.

Solar Energy System

Solar energy is the best alternative source for electricity generation.

Advantages of Solar Energy System

  • Transmission cost is zero for a stand-alone solar system.
  • The solar power generation system is entirely environmentally friendly.
  • The cost of maintaining a solar energy system is low.
  • Suitable for remote places that can not be connected to the mains and benefit from city electricity.

Wind Energy System

As you know, wind turbines can be used to convert wind energy into electrical energy. Wind turbines turn wind energy into kinetic energy.

Advantages of Wind Energy System

  • Wind energy is an unlimited, free, and clean source of electricity and fuel.
  • The operating cost of using wind energy is almost zero.
  • A wind power system can generate electricity for locations far from urban areas.

Hydro Energy System

The power of the river or ocean water is called hydropower. Gravitational effects generate hydropower.

Advantages of Hydro Energy System

  • Energy and electricity generated from hydropower can be used immediately.
  • After using water for energy and electricity generation, water can be used to irrigate farms and other purposes.
  • Running and maintenance costs are low.

Coal Energy System

You may be interested to know that thermal power plants generate electricity by burning coal in a boiler.
In this way, heat is used to convert water to steam.

Advantages of Coal Energy System

  • Coal is a cheap resource.
  • The initial cost of generating electricity and energy from this source is lower compared to other renewable power plants.
  • We can build a thermal power plant anywhere because coal can be transferred to the power plant regardless of the location of the thermal power plant.


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