We are a fast-growing producer of electrical equipment with a history that goes back more than 40 years.

We specialize in the design and build of bespoke MV and LV Switchboards and the site installation, maintenance and repair of HV, MV and LV Switchgear and associated equipment. Our in-house design and development department embark on challenging retrofit solutions for ageing, worn out, damaged or obsolete circuit breakers and switchboards. We also offer a design solution department for upgrading and replacing obsolete protection relays, control relays and any other switchgear related products which our customers need to upgrade or replace.

Our dedicated team of electrical and mechanical engineers provide all the related drawings to enable on-site modifications and carried out with full transparency and precision.

Throughout our history, the key to our success has been a constant commitment to exceeding customer expectations while our unique business model puts our customers’ needs at the center. A Group with a far-reaching vision, we offer up-to- date technology, years of expertise, outstanding performance, and most of all a desire to help our clients succeed.

circuit breaker

Circuit Breaker

* HV Circuit Breaker
* Vacuum-SF6 Circuit Breaker
* SF6 Load Break Switch
* Air-Break Load Break Switch
* LV MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker)
* MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker)
* LV ACB (Air Circuit Breaker)

steel structure

Steel Structure

* High Voltage Transmission Towers
* Telecommunication Towers
* Gantry and Substation Steel Structures
* Cable Tray & Cable Ladder
* Transmission Line Fittings
* Pipe Racks
* Racking Systems for Warehouses
* Industrial Sheds
* Lighting Poles


Switchgears, Substations and Transformers

* MV Draw-Out Switchgear licensed by ALSTOM (France) since 1989
* LV Draw-Out Switchgear licensed by ALSTOM (France) since 1995
* GRC (Glass Re-Enforced Cement) Pre-Fabricated Compact substation licensed by ALSTOM-AREVA (France) since 2007
* Metal Pre-Fabricated Compact Substation Control, Protection & Distribution Panels
* GIS Ring Main Unit
* AIS Ring Main Unit
* Distribution Transformer

mining activities and productse

Mining activities and Produce

* Exploitation
* Processing mining raw materials
* Steel Pipes, tubes and profiles

BLUE&P Companies

That operates as a manufacturer