Energy-related projects often require a significant amount of money. It does not matter if it is renewable energy or conventional energy such as oil and gas. All of these projects require financial resources and investment.

For the various stages of completing such large projects to be done correctly, an adequate and sufficient budget must be considered.

From planning to purchasing and installing equipment and training staff to operate and maintain the installed systems, all stages require financial resources. For this reason, investors must support all stages of the project.

Financing the energy system of tomorrow

Energy projects usually require significant resources to develop large energy projects, including renewables, electricity, and oil and gas.

Tailor-made financial solutions

BLUE&P offers clients investment solutions ranging from consulting services to debt financing and equipment financing, and technology financing.

Adjusting to a wide variety of new demands

Now more than ever, organizations need financial partners. Because in this way, they can provide appropriate strategic solutions to meet the developing market’s needs.

BLUE&P is adapting to an ever-changing market situation where capital demand is less predictable.

The company supports projects in a wide range of industries. In fact, the portfolio or portfolio is diverse and flexible.

When customers purchase BLUE&P equipment or services, they may not know the various our financing options.

Early-stage development financing

At this stage of project development, it is essential to provide sufficient funding for the initial power generation projects.

Early-stage developers are often individuals or firms with little capital who are skilled enough in choosing the location, licensing, and negotiating the other party’s contract.

Advanced activities usually take 12-36 months. Extensive capital is also required in the early stages of financial engineering and design studies. After this stage, other negotiations on other licenses will take place.

BLUE&P provides consulting and development funding for failed projects.

Debt Solutions for the energy sector

BLUE&P has come up with solutions to corporate debt or loans. These solutions include structured investment financing (such as leases and loans) and infrastructure.

In addition to the above, other solutions include investing in ownership and business development, commonly referred to as joint loans.

Financing to support energy projects

Thus, the amount of project risk is determined according to market risks and project specifications, such as construction and operation risks.


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