This may seem a bit unrealistic, but it is interesting to note that Princeton University engineers have invented a device that is likely to change the way many smaller devices and devices are powered.

This type of energy is created using the natural movement of the body. A small chip uses human kinetic energy to power appliances such as cell phones, pacemakers, and many small electronic devices.

This chip is a combination of rubber and ceramic nanoribbons. When this chip is bent, the production of electrical energy begins.

Use of human energy

The critical question now is, how can human energy be used?

These chips can be embedded in the rubber sole of shoes. In this way, with each step one takes, energy is created and stored.

Using a chip embedded in the rubber sole of a shoe and walking in the workplace during a normal workday can provide the energy needed for a full charge of a mobile phone. With this amount of energy, you can use your mobile phone for a day.

Heart Pacemaker

Users can use this chip as a heart pacemaker. If the chip is placed near the lungs, it will produce the natural power to make the heart beat faster. In general, people with heart problems can use this technology.

Currently, the only way to replace a heart battery is to have surgery. But with this chip and the natural movement of the lungs, the battery can use the energy stored and stored through this chip and be charged and help to create a heartbeat.

Therefore, this technology can be used with only one surgery, unless there is a problem with the pacemaker, so there will be no need for multiple surgeries to replace the heart battery.

Convert 80% of mechanical energy to electrical energy

This technology is an incredible advancement because it has so many different uses. Engineers at Princeton University have designed the chip to convert the pressure on the chip into an electric charge.

In fact, with this method, 80% of mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy. If we consider that most of the available medical equipment needs to be charged, making this chip is a truly fantastic invention.

This technology will be mass-produced in the future and will probably have an affordable price due to the raw materials used in its construction. These chips may be a little expensive at the beginning of the market, but with more acceptance, the price will decrease.

Source: Alternative Energy


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