Wind energy tools are getting bigger and better

Renewable energy production and demand for it is increasing worldwide. This high demand has led all wind energy equipment manufacturers to use their facilities to meet the demand and use it.

The growth and operation of wind energy capacity will reach 447 GW in the next five years. By the end of 2014, Asia was leading the world’s largest wind turbine capacity.

Enercon is one of the manufacturers focusing on 3MV class wind turbines based on E-82 / 2.0. The new designs are such that they can operate at 3 megawatts without increasing the size of the parts.

The innovative designs of this collection will increase performance by 3-6%.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has designated the wind locations as Class I and II wind sites – IA and IIA sites.

In different designs, places with low wind speed as well as areas with high speed are being studied. E-82 / 2.3MW and E-82 / 3MW are used for sites with high wind speed, and E-1-1 / 3MW is used for places with low wind speed.

New designs at EWEC 2010

The European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition was held in Warsaw, Poland in April, and REPower Systems AG introduced two new developments in the 3.XM series for low-wind locations.

In general, 3.2M114 and 3.410 are better for areas with low wind speeds.

Onshore wind turbines

Large wind turbines are currently used on the shores of Alstom Wind. Easy maintenance and perfectly suitable and economical design ECO 110 has made this rotor wind turbine a more successful turbine.

What should we do to improve energy production?

Usually, people who invest in wind energy seek to gather reliable and accurate information so that they can quickly review it.

All major wind turbine manufacturers are now competing with each other to provide accurate and immediate weather forecast information to improve energy production

Future of Windpower

The future of wind energy looks very bright because careful studies by EWEA have shown that generating electricity from wind energy is very cost-effective.

The use of wind energy seems very affordable for consumers.


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