What is Wind Energy?

Wind energy, as its name implies, is the energy of wind power found on the earth’s surface.

Using technology, wind energy can be converted into mechanical energy for pumping water, and windmills can be turned into flour.

Early Uses of Wind Energy

The use of wind energy dates back to early civilizations; for example, the Egyptians used wind energy to move on the Nile River.

Since then, wind energy has been used for advanced vessels and sailing vessels, and most commercial, military, and scientific transportation activities use this energy.

It is interesting to know that the first windmill in ancient Iran was built in the seventh century, and wind energy was used for it.

Since then, windmills have been used for a variety of purposes, such as wheat milling, water pumping, sawing, or other forms of mechanical energy.

Wind Turbines

Due to the fact that wind is a clean and endless source of energy, wind turbines are installed in developed countries, and the intensity of the wind allows them to use this renewable energy in different directions.

It is essential to know that wind energy can also be used to supplement traditional electrical sources, such as heat generated by burning coal.

With the development of turbine blades and with the increase in the number of installed turbines since 1990, wind power has increased by about 150%.

Modern Uses of Wind Energy

Finding a power supply to charge your mobile phone can be a problem when you are travelling or when you go hiking on vacation and forgot to take a charger with you.

But the solution to this problem may be simpler than you think. Students in India have been able to build portable turbines, which are powered by wind and can be connected to a mobile phone like a charger. This idea seems to be a perfect solution to this problem.

It should be noted that this technology is not yet available in the market, but the benefit of wind energy and its many applications in everyday life can be very interesting.

The device we introduced is intended for those in coastal areas where there is always wind. But in general, it can be used everywhere, even during the voyage wherever there are airflow and wind.

Wind energy is a promising source of electricity in the future because it is clean and renewable. But because wind speeds vary throughout the day, season, or year, the force generated by the wind becomes an alternating source.

Wind turbines generate about 60% of the world’s energy throughout the year. Even if wind turbines are running at full capacity, this amount of energy production may still be insufficient.

Source: greenmatch


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