In a new study, researchers at Texas A&M University have developed an intelligent technology that allows service companies to perform better in a power outage event.

According to the researchers, the unique device they designed works by improving energy transfer between home solar systems and the electrical grid.

The researchers said that using this innovation would make solar consumers less dependent on external power grids.

This technology allows industries to control energy distribution. In fact, this technology is especially useful in the event of power outages caused by storms and other natural disasters.

So, this is a win-win scenario for consumers and service companies.

It should be noted that this research was published online in the Journal of Emerging and Selected Titles of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in April.

Over the last ten years, the cost of solar panels has dropped dramatically, and more and more families have become interested in using solar energy systems.

In homes that use solar panels, the current generated by the solar panels on the roof is transmitted to the inverter before the electricity is ready for residential use, and the solar backup batteries are charged.

Homes use more solar energy during the day. Excess energy also reaches the grid. In this way, the power needed by the houses during the night is supplied from the electricity network.

In fact, these conventional systems have many disadvantages.

It is essential to know that any voltage fluctuations in the power grid and damage to power lines or excessive loading from it will affect the devices connected in the house.

According to the researchers, the current injected into the grid from solar homes can cause some irregularities, known as harmonic, and affect the quality of electricity inside the grid.

Another essential problem is that utility companies benefit from the limited amount of energy supplied by solar panels, the researchers said.

In fact, the need for essential services such as hospitals increases during natural disasters. As you know, hospitals need more electricity, and the energy supplied by solar panels is not suitable for these places and service companies.

Currently, there is no system to regulate or limit energy consumption.


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