What will be the future of modern cities?

Over the years, the process of urbanization around the world has grown exponentially, and more people are moving to cities.

Many people have moved to cities to find better jobs and higher living standards.

Although the migration of people from rural to urban areas contributes to the urban economy, it should also be noted that overcrowding increases the pressure on waste management infrastructure, health care and education.

Therefore, sustainable cities must play a vital role in the urbanization process to improve the lives of residents through environmental initiatives and projects such as limiting CO2 emissions into the air, using renewable energy sources or raising ecological awareness.

It is essential to know that many cities around the world have re-examined their city planning strategies and intend to take steps to address these issues.

Arcadis’s Sustainable Cities Index Information & Evaluation

Arcadis is a global consulting firm in the field of design and consulting for natural assets. The company has compiled a list of 100 sustainable cities around the world and has also taken various initiatives to address the effects of urbanization on the environment.

Arcadis has conducted city assessments for the Sustainable Cities Index on three issues: people, the planet, and its benefits.

Sustainable Cities Moving Forward

According to Arcadis’s Index, Zurich takes first place with a total score of 87.9%. Sydney is another city that has had a significant impact on climate change for its residents.

Sydney aims to reduce carbon emissions by 70% by entering the top 10 countries.

Sydney is also looking to improve public transport conditions and become a smart city in the future.

Sustainable to Smart Cities

Imagine if you left home at 6:15 in the morning to go to work, despite the traffic, you would arrive in the city at 7:15 in the morning. After that, you should look for a parking space for your car for 30 minutes, and you will have less than 15 minutes to be at work.

Repeating these events during the week of frustration creates more stress in people’s daily lives. Over the past few years, many cities have begun to make changes to their smart city to address urbanization issues and help city dwellers live more efficient, happier, and more comfortable lives.

What is a Smart City?

We must say that a smart, sustainable city is an innovative city that uses information and communication technology and other tools to improve the quality of life, productivity of urban performance and services.

With smart devices, you can stay behind the traffic less and find suitable places to park your car sooner, and your life will be less stressful.

The Future of Smart Cities

The problems in this world are inexhaustible, and their number is increasing day by day.

However, if cities around the world share their ideas, goals and dreams, all countries will learn to meet these challenges.

As you know, Europe is at the forefront of evolving smart and sustainable cities, but there are cities around the world that have begun to take action to help this planet.


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