The challenges facing wind energy led the industry to the use of technologies today. Vertical wind turbines are known with many benefits as the new generation of wind energy.

Researchers at Oxford Brookes University in London believe that redesigning wind turbines can increase their efficiency.

Using more than 11,500 hours of computer simulation, they showed that wind farms with vertical turbines were more efficient than other farms, according to the Oxford Brookes University’s website.

Vertical turbines revolve around a vertical axis, and this group of researchers claims that if these vertical turbines are paired, they will be 15% more efficient because they enhance each other’s performance. The layout of vertical turbine networks also increases efficiency.

In this technology, the importance of using computational methods in understanding the physics of flow can not be underestimated. This is very useful for industries that have achieved maximum design efficiency and production capacity.

Vertical turbines are mostly used in urban infrastructure. But before doing anything, you should be aware of its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of using a vertical wind turbine

  • Most types of wind turbines are installed at lower altitudes. These turbines are capable of generating energy even in low winds. The vertical direction of the turbine makes it easier to repair, and because the entire shaft is vertical, the generator can be mounted on the ground.
  • No wind is required to start the turbine.
  • Vertical turbines had built to deal with strong winds.
  • Vertical turbines can be adjusted at ground level.
  • Vertical wind turbines are less expensive to install and maintain.
  • These turbines operate regardless of wind direction and are very suitable for areas where there are tall buildings.

Disadvantages of using vertical wind turbine

  • Although vertical wind turbines have good resistance to harsh weather conditions, this causes them to resist spinning and generating energy.
  • Vertical wind turbines are not suitable for areas with strong winds.

For these reasons, wind turbines are fitted with the vertical axis for small scales and urban infrastructure.



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