The oil and gas industry suffered a crisis after the emergence and growth of renewable energy. But the issue that exists is the rate of progress in these industries.

Oil and gas demanded a lot, but supply did not answer the demand, and the industry needed to grow in the process of exploration. Technologies such as automation and robotics, which have developed in other industries like production and trade, have been used for further growth and exploration in the oil and gas industry.


Robotic technology has helped secure some drilling processes in the oil and gas industry. For example, it connects and cuts drill pipes as these are an integral and dangerous part of the drilling process. Using Iron Roughneck robot technology, the process of cutting and connecting ducts has done automatically, and the snake-like arms of this robot can inspect vital parts of excavation.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a technology used in many industries these days to predict, manage data and manage different levels of the industry. This technology is currently used in the oil and gas industry to automate processes, forecast, improve and streamline performance. It can also help explore resources through mapping, identifying oil deposits in the basement, or tracking gas or equipment leaks.

Environmental issue

‌The biggest problem facing the oil and gas industries is pollution. In many cases, oil spills, burning methane, and other toxic gases from fossil fuels; produce pollution that, according to researchers, can be seen from space, which is a problem with more use of Renewable energy is avoidable.

The use of preventive technologies to control air pollution, such as the technologies provided by ERG, significantly helps to improve greenhouse gas emissions in the industry and improves public opinion about the industry.

By integration, the oil and gas industry’s operations and innovative technologies, not only the quality improve but also manages the energy consumption. So it has a positive impact on the environment.

So there can still be room for the oil and gas industry among the energy consumed. These industries only need to take advantage of technology to benefit their systems to become cleaner, more efficient, and more relevant in an ever-changing world.


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