Most countries have invested billions of dollars over the years to build an extensive network of drinking water, sewage, and runoff infrastructure.

Most of the water and sewage treatment networks’ construction, the transmission lines of water and sewage, and water storage facilities in some countries are back in the aftermath of World War II, and some of them are back to more than 100 years.

Technically, not enough investment make to maintain and modernize these systems. In the future, there will require to repair and make changes to remain the sustainability of this water infrastructure. Making these changes is vital economically and socially, as well as ensuring public health.

Infrastructure and investment requirements

While many parts of the urban infrastructure are moving towards sustainability, the level of modernization and reinvestment in the water sector has not kept pace with the level of needs. This has created a gap between the cost and the existing capital for the sustainability of water infrastructure.

Path of water infrastructure stabilization

EPA works in collaboration with various companies in the water sector to create knowledge and tools to ensure investment to stabilize water infrastructure.

This intention can be reached through secure infrastructure planning and management in water systems.

Some of the fundamental fields of this aim are:

  • Water and energy efficiency

Ensure that the water sector systems will employ sustainable efforts and technologies to improve productivity and reduce costs.

  • Asset Management

Create a management framework to ensure proper investment at the right time.

  • Transparency in the sewage treatment process

A platform is to create information about the effectiveness of new technologies, cost-effectiveness, how to replace and reuse sewage.

  • Evaluation of new technologies

Select the best and most efficient way to invest in water infrastructure by evaluating new technologies.



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